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Songs – לידער


Many additional songs can be found on other pages from Yiddish far Kinder.


Many beginner songs can be found on the classic recording “Lomir Zingen” from the Workmen’s Circle and on the album Zing Along with Cindy Paley 


  •   “Brider (Brothers), a poem by I.L. Peretz about people of all colors, which can be sung to the tune of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony        ברידער 


  •   “Shnirele Perele (Little string, little pearl), a folk song about the coming of the Messiah.                       Famously performed by the Klezmatics            שנירעלע פּערעלע
  •   “Abi gezunt (As long as you’re healthy), a song about happiness, sung by the famous Yiddish actress Molly Picon http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/44/Picon.jpg/220px-Picon.jpg         אַבי געזונט

12 thoughts on “Songs – לידער

  1. Great songs! My grand children adore it! שטייט אין פֿעלד אַ ביימעלע Is there favorite song…___________________________________________________________________________________


    Thank you

  2. Yudis every time my grand children come , we sit by the fireplace and sing these songs. Do you happen to have any other amazing websites?

  3. I’m happy to read your grandchildren love these songs. There are more songs on other pages of Yiddishfarkinder.com. Check under the Holidays menu, for instance. You could also find other Yiddish songs on the internet if you search on Youtube or the Jewish Sound Archive of Florida Atlantic University.

  4. My Friend Goes To Kinneret Day School,She Said That She Sang A Song And That You Would Post It On Your Website. Where Can I Find This Song?

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