Welcome to “Yiddish far Kinder”!

     ! ברוכים הבאים       Brukhim Haboim!     yiddish far kinder home page 

This is a collection of the material I created to teach Yiddish at the I.L. Peretz School of the Workmen’s Circle on Long Island and at the Kinneret Day School in Riverdale (New York).  My intention was to develop engaging activities for 21st century children.  My goal was to give my students a taste of Yiddish with the hope that they might later seek to learn more.   I am sharing these resources with teachers, parents, and children.  Feel free to explore the site as you embark on or continue your adventure with this magical language and culture.

You will find activities for different levels–beginners, intermediate and more advanced students.  All printable worksheets are gamelike and interactive (fill-in-the-blanks, matching columns, bingo games, etc.).  Activities involve dialogues, listening to popular Yiddish songs, viewing online videos, or reading stories by great Yiddish writers.

I dedicate this website to the Yiddish teachers who inspired me: Sonia Pinkusowitz, Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter z”l, Dr. Avrom Novershtern, and Dr. Irv Saposnik z”l.

This is a work-in-progress.  All comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. are welcome!

Have fun!           !האָט הנאה             Hot hanoe!

portrait (downtown)    Lererin Yudis (Judith Nysenholc – יהודית ניסנהאָלץ) 
לערערין יהודית

Background image : Cover of Yingl Tsingl Khvat by Mani Leib, illustrated by El Lissitsky

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ייִדיש איז באמת אַן אינטערנאַציאָנאַלע שפּראַך!   אַ דאַנק, ייִדיש-ליבהאָבערס פֿון דער גאָרער וועלט

Yiddish is indeed an international language!  Thank you, Yiddish lovers from all over the world…

Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  Email me at jnysenholc@gmail.com.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to “Yiddish far Kinder”!

  1. What a great website. The activities are engaging and the layout is visually appealling and user friendly. Thank you, Judith, for creating yiddishfarkinder.com!

  2. Great! I definitely hope to use some of this in the future. Thank you for providing such a well organized site with usable material!

  3. Congratulations Judith. What a great idea. And I am impressed that there is already so much information. Alain

  4. זייער שיין! ן
    Are you teaching Yiddish at Kinneret this year? I did it many years ago.

  5. אַ דאַנק
    יאָ, איך בין נאָך אַלץ דאָ און איך ווייס אַז דו ביסט פֿריער געווען זייער ייִדיש לערערין

  6. I maintain a database of where (in North America) Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) are taught. I’ll add your school today.

    Leybl Janus

  7. I would like to be able to click on each word and hear it pronounced correctly. Love the site!


  8. Bonjour Judith!

    Te souviens-tu de moi? Tu m’enseignais le Yiddiche à Madison, WIsconsin en 1996-97! Ca fait bien longtemps! Je dois enseigner le Yiddiche à des enfants, et je trouve le site utile. Merci bien!
    Bruce Mitchell

  9. I love it! We are a group of older adults at all levels of yiddish and this is a wonderful site. We have had a difficult time finding material and these stories and other activities are perfect.
    A shanem danke.

  10. Eh bien, je viens de voir ta réponse. Désolé pour le retard que j’ai pris à te répondre. J’enseigne le yidiche dans l’école de mes enfants (SSDS-West Hartford) une fois par semaine après l’école. Je l’enseigne aussi dans une synagogue tout près de temps en temps.

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