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Alphabet – דער אלף-בית


alef-beys poster

Yiddish Alphabet

For beginners

די שול             טעמע  טעמע         motl מאָטל  די שול

For teachers  

Boys' kheyder (photography by Alter Kacyzne)   Girls' kheyder (photograph by Alter Kacyzne)

First reading words     First reading words II 

For more advanced students

Mayn alef-beys (J. Kaminsky)

5 thoughts on “Alphabet – דער אלף-בית

  1. It would be great if “I practice writing more Yiddish letters” was on lined paper so that you can tell where the letter sits on the line.

  2. Please advise where I may obtain free
    study materials for this language.

    I am 72 years of age and in a manual
    wheelchair. Given the very limited transportation system in Kalamazoo (with very limited surroundings for handicapped accessibility) it is virtually not possible for me to attend classes. And, I cannot afford Internet service for my computer.

    Thank you.

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